Updated: 11-24-2004 03:42:20 PM

Airbag Mishap Injures Florida Firefighters

Firehouse.Com News

Two Nassau County Fire Rescue firefighters suffered minor injuries Tuesday while performing an extrication at the scene of a wastewater tanker truck crash.

Deputy Chief Sam Young said the firefighters were trying to lift the cab of the truck off of the driver's upper arm, which was pinned between the door and the ground. He said a medium and a small airbag were stacked to lift the truck.

One of the air bags blew out, sending pieces of cribbing - two by four wood sticks used to maintain positioning - flying.

"While they were lifting the cab of the truck, a piece of cribbing came under a stress load and several pieces of cribbing ejected," Young said. The cribbing hit one firefighter's helmet and hit the other's chest area.

Young said the firefighters were not seriously injured and were released the same day from a Jacksonville hospital. They have returned to duty.

Young said he did not have the make of the air bags on hand. He said that information will be included, along with the department's investigation into the cause of the accident, in a report to be submitted to the Florida State Fire Marshal's Office.