A decorated New York City firefighter who a year ago rescued two construction workers dangling from the outside of a building, Thomas Foley was among the first rescue workers to arrive at the World Trade Center.

Foley, 32, was among the most notable firefighters in New York. Last year, he was listed as among the nation's 100 most eligible bachelors by People magazine. He also recently had a bit part on "The Sopranos,' scheduled to be shown next year.

"He never wanted to be anything else other than a fireman," said Serena Cantor, a former New Yorker who met Foley when he was a boy. "He became a volunteer fireman at the age of 18."

Upon reaching one of the two men whose scaffolding collapsed last year, Foley told People magazine: "I told him don't worry. You're going home to your family tonight."