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Thread: Completing a Circle

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    Completing a Circle

    Dear Marian,

    Until two years ago, I lived in Park Slope. I now live in South Burlington, Vermont. You and I have a mutual friend, Eve, whom I see daily while walking my dogs. You are blessed to have such a loving friend, and I am glad to be in this circle.

    You and your family have been in my prayers and thoughts every day. I am so sorry for your loss.

    After seeing a photo of Dave, I believe I remember him from a problem with my car on a trip to the food coop next door to the firehouse. I thought you might like to know the story of Dave and the help he gave me that day:

    I had locked my keys in the car when shopping at the coop, so I went over to ask for help from 'our' friendly neighborhood firemen. Dave said sure he could help- I had an '85 Peugot-- my Park Slope, park on the street car-- which would be easy to pop. Well, it was not too easy. Soon another fireman (don't remember who) came by with either another slimjim or a hanger. Of course, he thought it was easy, and Dave just did not have the touch! Suddenly they were two teenagers in a race, ragging each other, trying to impress the damsel in distress, and then...

    Dave was the winner!! And they went back to the house still teenagers!
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