Missing Jews of FDNY remembered for their heroism


N.Y. Jewish Week

Outside Engine Co. 54 on Eighth Avenue, where flowers, candles and posters form a makeshift memorial for missing men, Feinberg's name stands out among those belonging to Irish- and Italian-Americans, the mainstay of the Fire Department.

Posted on one exterior wall was an essay by Feinberg's daughter Tara, 18, a freshman at the University of Florida in Gainesville. Written two weeks before the Sept. 11 terror attack, the words describe Tara's pride that her father regularly saved lives for a living, and his role as an active parent.

"When my father wasn't out fighting fires or saving the world, he was busy running the household and taking care of my younger brother and me," she wrote, recalling that he coached sports teams and was the "class dad," taking charge of the search for missing students on field trips.

The dark side of the job, however, was that Tara would "cry hysterically when my dad had to leave for work, wondering if this would be the last time I ever saw him."