Dear Mrs. Fontana,

I am not sure if you or your family ever read this site, but I thought I would reply anyway. I am a forty-one year old volunteer fire chief in the suburbs of Philadelphia. I had the privledge of honoring your husband's life on that windy day in Brooklyn in October. I often think about you and Aidan. I have three small children myself. Little Aidan waved to us out of the car that day as we stood silent. He was proudly wearing his dad's helmet. What a profound impact that moment has made on my life.,

Please know that I am especially praying for you and young Aidan. I teach young firefighters with a passion that they need to always come home to their families. Like Aidan I also wished I could have been there on Sept. 11 to help save Dave and the other brave men with him.

It is my prayer and hope that we will all be united in heaven together someday. Please share that comforting promise with your son. Thanks for being a great wife and mom. Your testimony outstretches more than you know.

Best wishes,

John Izak
Nottingham FD, Bensalem Pa