June 10, 2005 -- Maynard will get a hero's burial tomorrow, almost four years after he gave his life in the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

Maynard, 30, had been a firefighter for two years when he and six other members of Engine Co. 33 died at the World Trade Center.

His family held an emotional memorial service for him in November 2001 in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and his son, Keithroy Maynard II, then 6, wearing his dad's fire helmet, spoke of his love for his "hero" father.

"That wasn't closure for me," said Maynard's twin brother, Kevin, 33. "There was no casket or remains. This brings closure."

Keithroy Marcellus Maynard's remains were identified in 2003, but relatives weren't "ready to say goodbye," according to an FDNY source. They didn't want to bury the fallen hero in case other remains were found