A street for her dad

Tot never met the 9/11 hero


She shares her father's eyes, his face, even his name. But yesterday, little Terri Elizabeth Hatton gave New Yorkers another way to remember her hero dad.

The 3-year-old beauty is the daughter of FDNY Capt. Terence Hatton, who perished in the World Trade Center's north tower on 9/11 - robbing the city of one of its most revered firefighters, and little Terri of a father.

She was born eight months after his death, never knowing the man who collected 19 medals of valor in his 21 years at the FDNY.

Yesterday, the littlest Hatton helped Mayor Bloomberg rename W. 43rd St., between 10th and 11th Aves. - home to Hatton's beloved Rescue 1 stationhouse - in honor of her dad. It is now Capt. Terence S. Hatton Way.

"Terry really was a remarkable guy," Beth Petrone Hatton, Hatton's widow and a longtime aide to former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, told the crowd of 300 or so who turned out to unveil the street sign.

"I try not to romanticize him too much with Terri, because I try to make him a real person," she added through tears as she cradled the little girl in her arms. "But she's going to look at that sign and think, 'Gee, my dad really was what my mom said.'"

Giuliani described Hatton as a thinker who helped design some of Rescue 1's vehicles, while also a man of courage who never thought twice about putting himself at risk.

In his final act, Giuliani said, Hatton and his FDNY brothers ensured that history would recall 9/11 as the greatest rescue effort of all time.

"His career ... and his life was too short," Giuliani said, "but it sure was powerful."