My name is Jacob Woody. I am currently deployed in Iraq with the North Carolina National Guard. I have been searching for my biological father for almost 2 years. I have always wondered if I had more family than I know. I was browsing this website and found this thread on Micheal. It really touched me that he put his life on the line everyday. I know that I do the same but not like the NYFD. As I read the thread I began to notice simalarities in the names of the family members that my mother had told me.
My fathers name is John Carmen Perretta. He resembles Micheal as do I seeing as how I am a spitting image of John. My mother wasnt able to tell me a whole lot about his family seeing as how they were never married. She thinks that his mothers name is Barbara. I believe he was born some time in 1969. He was 19 when I was born in 1983. This is really all I have to go on. I think that maybe Micheal was a cousin or somewhere along those lines. I know that what I am asking maybe somewhat selfish but its the only lead that i have. If there is anyone in Micheals family that could possibly help I would greatly appreciate it. You can get in touch with me at Granmasterwooday@aol.com or woodyjm61@yahoo.com. Once again I would greatly appreciate any help that can be givin.
Most Sincerly,
Jacob M. Woody
Specialist US Army