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Thread: You really are the bravest.

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    You really are the bravest.

    I live in England and am also a firefighter but things are different over here.

    I cannot begin to understand what you guys and gals go through every day. Last year alone you had over 100 lost brothers, we had a grand total about 2.

    Our procedures and rules prevent us from acting so heroically. The mere thought of grabbing S.C.B.A and running into a building on you own is seen as madness over here. We're so strict on everything, which i suppose is a good thing.

    We watch all the programmes on telly about American Firefighters and we study your tactics and techniques shaking our heads in utter disbelief. Some say stupid, i say unbelivably brave. I know a dead fireman is no good to anyone but this is what being a fireman is all about. Putting yourself on the line for others.

    It broke my heart reading all the names of the dead over the past few years, so many. I felt i had to write something.

    You guys really are the bravest of them all. Be careful out there. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!


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    Ground Zero

    I am just back from a visit to The States. I spent the day in NYC on my way home and went to Ground Zero. I only had the day so I wanted to see as much of the city as possible since it is 20 yrs since I was there. But I wanted especially to pay my respects at Ground Zero.
    When it happened, I was working in the Northern Ireland Fire Brigade as a Fire Control Operator (equivalent of your Dispatcher). We watched events unfolding that night on the television in the Command Room and were all horrified.
    Subsequently, a few guys in the Brigade organised events to raise money for the appeal and a couple of NYFD guys came over to visit. They came to the Control Room and not one of us knew what to say, where to start to sympathise with a loss like that.
    I am now re-reading "Report From Ground Zero" and "Last Man Down" and they still bring tears to my eyes. But now I can see the actual site...
    You did what you had to do but you are all heroes including those that came after.
    Keep up the good work guys.

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