New Orleans Bravest in 'Bad Shape'
Minimal Accountability, Firefighters Missing and Target of Violence, Homes Destoyed

Updated: 09-02-2005 12:44:10 PM

Compiled by Staff

Firehouse.Com News has been able to contact a New Orleans firefighter for two brief conversations. Other then his POV, this firefighter has lost everything he owns including his home located in the flooded area of the city.

He says the fire department is in bad shape right now. Many of the firefighters, both off and on duty, are missing and there is no real accountability system. The fire department has pulled out of New Orleans and retreated to the suburbs of Algiers across the Mississippi where they are under the protection of armed National Guardsmen and many of the firefighters are carrying guns themselves.

Many of the firefighters have had their lives threatened by armed civilians while they were battling fires and trying to assist them. At the Bourbon and Canal Streets fire, they were looting the buildings directly adjacent to the fire building and with no regard to the work going on there. He is carrying both of his handguns.

Last night, a staff meeting was held to discuss the fact that additional armed forces were coming into the city to try and restore order and then they