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Thread: the worcester six

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    the worcester six

    The Worcester Six

    We came to be known
    as the Worcester Six
    but we were just firemen
    the ones God had picked

    We were called to respond
    to a fire one night
    when we arrived on the scene
    there was no one in sight

    A fire in a warehouse
    the dispatcher said
    we were told it was empty
    we thought, victims, instead

    A faint wisp of smoke
    hung in the air
    the fire lay waiting
    deep inside, somewhere

    A cold winter

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    Thanks again

    to Fire Lt.Tom Kenney of the Providence Fire Department R.I
    Tom has contributed many poems to our web site.
    He has also written a book on his experiences: "Working Class Hero: Memoirs of a Providence Fireman".
    Neil H. Donahue @ Fallen Brothers

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