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Thread: Would like to contact Christopher Saucedo

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    Would like to contact Christopher Saucedo

    A PM was sent to pinkbubelz explaining that her post was moved here in hopes that Christopher Saucedo might see it if he visits this forum. That is all that can be done so that we respect everyones privacy.-- Chris/Moderator

    Hi There,
    In the midst of the Hurricane Katrina and Rita, I decided to google a former sculpture professor of mine, Christopher Saucedo.... I was a student of his in the late 1980s/early 1990s when he first started teaching at a university....

    While googling Chris' name, I came upon the links to the stories about his brother's (Gregory Saucedo) death on 9/11.... So sorry to hear that the Saucedo family went through so much pain...It seems like so many families were touched by the events that day--almost everyone I know knew of someone who died.

    I'm wondering if the moderators could help me contact him? I understand that he and his family went back to Brooklyn right before Katrina hit. If he is a member of this board, please let me know so that I can send a PM to him. I wish his family well--my sister lives in NYC and her boyfriend at the time was working at the WTC... He happened to be outside the building talking to his dad when the planes hit, because he couldn't get a good Cell phone signal that morning. He saw the planes hit, and realized that the little "splinters" flying out of the building were actually large steel beams... He is very fortunate to be alive...

    Had I known that Chris' brother was on the documentary, I would have looked for him.... May he rest in peace. His family should be proud of him--it takes much courage to face a dangerous situation with no hesitation....

    Thanks for your help.
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