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Thread: Ground Zero Museum Workshop, NYC

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    Manhattan Photographer Scams Public. (disputed)

    WEBSITE NOTE: This article from the NY Post is reported to be a false and misleading. Likely a typical pre-anniversary 'hype' that the press and news agencies like to do to sell papers. Notice since this article was originally printed, nothing every came of accusations, except a Defamation lawsuit agains the Post.

    The article is posted here as a snapshot of history only. It is also evidence that one should always take what the supposed professional news agencies report as news. This site does not claim to know the truth about this topic. We just need to note the dispute, as an article like this can cause harm not just to the 'accused', but also to the families and charities that benefit from the work done.

    Please visit to see the work done.

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    Manhattan Photographer Scams Public Claiming to be 'Official' Photographer for the Firefighters Union
    Updated: 08-31-2005 09:35:30 AM

    Courtesy of New York Post

    August 31, 2005 -- A Manhattan photographer is scamming the public by billing himself as the "official" photographer for the firefighters union

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    Thumbs up������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Ground Zero Museum Workshop, NYC

    Just visited Gary Marlon Suson's 9/11 Museum; AMAZING. I'm from Cali and was in NYC for 4-year anniversary. Read about him in a nice AP story in Cali. Was in NYC and saw a NY POST story that said some odd things about the guy. (saw Neil's posting also) Pretty bad things about the guy and opposite of AP story. Checked out Ground Zero Museum Workshop with 4 other FF and it is LEGIT. He's an Honorary Battalion Chief in FDNY and has signed letters from Fire Union Presidents and Manhattan Trustees making him Official Photog at Ground Zero for Fire Unions. He's endorsed by the most respected names in the FDNY and 9-11 Family members. He showed us stacks of xeroxes of charity checks; bottom line it was tasetful and well-presented and the POST story was a scam. Some remnants from twin towers on display that really helped humanize it all for us - very powerful. Video was great also (recovery footage). Great guy and knowledgeable on the Recovery. Spoke to him at length. he explained the POST story was result of some old feud between the Union guy that made him Official Photographer @ Ground Zero and a UFA union guy (Butler?) that didn't want a civilian at Ground Zero documenting. Butler (?) called the POST when he saw the AP article and told them some bogus info. and the POST printed it. Anyway - Suson's work is emotional, tasteful and moving and I suggest it for any FF that wants to know what it was like in the "pit" at ground is:
    TomCat, CLovis, Ca.
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    Exclamation����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Photographer is Not A SCam

    Neil - Just saw Gary Suson's Ground Zero Museum Workshop on NY trip. New York POST article was unfair and a scam in its own right. Museum and this guy is on the up and up. Amazing museum and endorsed by some heavyweights in the FDNY. The guy was caught in the middle of a fight between two union guys and that's it. (One union guy put him IN Ground Zero and the other wanted him OUT back in 2001-2.) The union guy who put him IN ground zero left the union three weeks before stories began running on Museum in late august. The union guy who resented him being Official Photog saw worldwide Museum stories and angrily called his friend Cynthia Fagen at NY POST with some bogus lies to hurt the museum and payback the old union guy. Cynthia Fagen, the writer, ran a fabricated slam campaign against the photographer to discredit him. I googled and saw that Associated Press and NY Times have confirmed Suson's role at Ground Zero: He's the Official Guy. He authored the Barnes & Noble book, Requiem: Images of Ground Zero in 2002 and it's endorsed by 15 respected FDNY 9-11 Family members. His book is endorsed and forwarded by the #3 Chief in charge at FDNY Headquarters. Suson is a brother and was given raw deal by POST. He was caught in the crossfires of 2 union guys that hated each other. He has on premise signed letters from Fire Union Presidents making him Official Photogapher at Ground Zero for the Uniformed Firefighters Association. He also showed us many xeroxes of donations to Widows & Childrens Fund. There were no "personal" belongings (artifacts) at the Museum. ITS TASTEFUL and MOVING. I'm no detective but I did my research as I hate scammers. In my opinion DISREGARD NY POST story. Gary Suson and his Museum are legitimate. Thumbs UP.
    his site is: **TomCat** Ca.
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