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Thread: LODD Funeral: FF Timmy Young, Columbia FD

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    LODD Funeral: FF Timmy Young, Columbia FD

    LODD Funeral: FF Timmy Young, Columbia FD

    Family and friends said goodbye 41-year-old Timmy Young, who suffered a heart attack and collapsed while responding to an Emergency Medical Services call on January 7th.

    Young died last week. He had been a firefighter for 20 years.

    Travis Young says his father Timmy died doing what he loved, "I could tell he loved his job. I once heard a story told about when he graduated from high school, his plan in life was to go on to the Army for a couple of years and become a firefighter."

    The service might have been the largest gathering of personnel in Columbia Fire Department history. Chief Bradley Anderson says Young is only the sixth Columbia firefighter to die on duty since 1868. In the close-knit world of firefighting, each loss is deeply felt, "Over that period of time, to have six deaths, statistically is probably low, but every one is very painful."

    Battalion Chief Michael Edmonds says the service drew hundreds from his department and from as far away as New York, "Our whole department is mourning and not only that but the whole emergency response community. You know, there are people here from all over the state. There's a lot of retired faces coming in the door today, I haven't seen in 15 years myself."

    Joe McElhaney is chief at Capital View, Young's firehouse, "He worked hard. We used to tease him because we said he had the cleanest truck in the fire department. He was always busy doing something. He was just a joy to be around."

    Young's funeral was held Thursday afternoon at Shandon Baptist Church on Forest Drive. He was buried at Elmwood Cemetery. A visitation was held Wednesday night at Dunbar Funeral Home on Devine Street.

    Travis says he plans to keep the spirit of his father alive by passing it on to his own son one day, "I'm gonna let him know about him having a goal in life and achieving it if nothing else.

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    Young, Timmy

    Age: 41
    Cause of Death: Stress/Overexertion
    Rank: Fire Equipment Operator
    Nature of Death: Heart Attack
    Classification: Career
    Emergency Duty: Yes

    Incident Date: 01/07/2005
    Duty Type: On-Scene Non-Fire
    Incident Time: 17:24
    Activity Type: Other
    Death Date: 01/20/2005
    Fixed Prop. Use: N/A

    Fire Dept. Info:
    Columbia Fire Department
    1800 Laurel Street
    Columbia , South Carolina 29201
    Chief: William B. Anderson

    Initial Summary:
    FEO Young was investigating a medical call at a residence when he became ill. EMS was already on the scene and immediately rushed him to the hospital where he was diagnosed as having had a massive cardiac arrest. After an extended stay in cardiac ICU, FEO Young died.

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