When replying to any emails, PLEASE highlight the message, and then hit reply.

The problem with your emails is that AOL does not automatically add the message that you are replying to in the new message.

This leads to great correspondence like:
No joke. This is an actual quote I just got. that is the FULL extent of the message.

Another one:
Thanks. Let me know!
Let you know what? This is not a chat room. We have no idea what you are talking about. It may be easy for you if you don't get many emails, but if you get over 100 emails a day, you are not going to know what "Thanks, let me know" means.

More work for us (including ignoring the messages), and much more delays for you.

So.... give details in your emails. If we've been having a 'conversation', then leave the conversation in the email. Because otherwise, I probably won't remember.

This is mainly an AOL issue, but note that if anyone using an email system that does not put the message you are replying to in your response, then please manually put it in.