As I sit here and remember our fallen brothers, I am compelled to reach out to all those who knew Steven Mercado. I never met him, and never heard of him until his name appeared as a fallen firefighter after 9-11.

My name is Peter Mercado, also a firefighter, also involved in many activities with the youth, on the west coast, California to be exact, and every time I take a moment to pray for their spirit to be saved, I can't help to think about "what if that was me out there, what if this tragedy occured on the west coast instead?....I can't imagine what his family went through, and my prayers go out to his family as well.

As a firefighter on the west coast bearing the same last name, I pray that his family is well, and that they have managed to get through these rough years, and that his soul has been guided to the higher source and is at peace along with all of our other brothers.

Peter Mercado
Calexico Fire Department