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    Worcester FD

    I attended a meeting at the Webster St Station. Last time I was in your City was in December of 1999. I placed my patch that was cut off my sleeve on the makeshift memorial fire truck. I am a Rochester, Ma call firefighter. When I stepped into your station on Wednesday I got chills as I resited the poem I wrote 6 years ago in my head for 6 very special people whom I had never met.

    That year I made 6 red and black ribbons and every year I place them on my Christmas tree. As my daughter asked last year why do I keep putting them on the tree, I told here that I will always put them on my tree as a reminder of 6 brave men who gave their life for someone else. It also reminds me of how quickly life can change.

    My husband an I are both firefighters and my 11 year old and 2 year old daughters have no real perception of what we do and what can happen.
    I hope they never have to either.

    Thank you for reading and know that the W6 and their families are in my thoughts often and I hope that they are all adjusting to that signifigant life changing moment on December 3, 1999.

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    Thank you..

    Thank you for your message about the Worcester 6.
    The caring never stops as long as they are remembered.
    Neil H. Donahue @FallenBrothers.

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