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Thread: Ronald Kerwin

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    Ronald Kerwin

    Ronald Kerwin
    Jurisdiction: Queens
    Rank: Lieutenant
    Agency: FDNY
    Unit: Squad 288
    Funeral Information:
    Laid to Rest December 10

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    I Remember

    I have mixed feeling's about doing this, but i will.I remember Ron when i was a little boy, about 10 y/o. I used to live on Narcissus Ave. in Hicksville, and Ron was a family friend.I remember him with his long, hippy brown hair, alway's happy, joking, and flashing the peace sign.That's all i remember, that he was alway's happy. I'm sure he was a great husband, and father, and still was very happy. I'm 42 y/o old now, living in FL. and also with a Fire Dept., now for 23 year's. My brother Ron retired from F.D.N.Y. IN 2001. He was with 167 truck in Queen's.I just wanted to share a little memory i had about Ron. MAY GOD BLESS ALL, D. DECHENT

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