I am hoping to contact someone from Richard Kelly Jrs family.....Ladder #11

My reason:

I am a retired firefighter/EMT (my husband is a Fire Capt/Paramedic) in Northern, California who purchased a beautiful print in an effort to help support the families of the fallen heros of 9/11. This print is large and beautiful and I would love for one of Mr. Kellys family members to have it. I have kept it in my living room since the day I got it (2002) It is #'d and signed by the artist. I have Richard Kelly, Jr. Ladder #11 print #254/348 It is a collectors item and I even researched to find a picture of Mr. Kelly to put with the print so there was someone's face to put with the name. I have the photo somewhere but can't find it now, but I recall what he looked like and I would be most honored to give this print to the family if they would like to have it.

If any of Mr. Kelly's family or friends see this post, please contact me at the following address:

dragonfly65a@yahoo.com or dragonfly65@mchsi.com