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Thread: It's too soon for this movie.

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    It's too soon for this movie.

    I keep thinking that only those who think that it is in the "past" or it happened "there" might be able to stand re-living this horror. I am having a very hard time knowing this movie is about to be shown.

    As I write this my grief is still unbearable.

    What do you think or feel about the advent of the movie?

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    Chris,,,I agree,,way too soon,,I wonder where all the proceeds are going? victims families? I doubt it ,,,9/11 is now entertainment for Hollywood,,,as a nyc police officer working that day,,,I am still horrified,,,and thank GOD,,I was able to retire,,,,,,,,Jim aka queens nyc

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    Too soon for a movie

    I thought it was too soon for a movie too. But I had to see it anyway. So I went by myself as no one I knew wanted to see it. And I cried so hard. I cried for all of those firefighters whose names I got to become familiar with when I read a book called "Firehouse". I cried for all the firefighters whose names weren't in that book...and I cried for everyone else that day who died. And I often think of how many people lost loved ones that day. I think it's always going to be "too soon" for a movie...but I couldn't stay away. I cried without bothering anyone....I cried silently. I expressed all the grief I felt without intruding upon the family members of all of the victims. I don't know any of them anyway. But they're all in my thoughts constantly...I'll never forget any of them. They'll always be in my heart. This is probably sort of late to be writing about this...but I'll never forget.

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