Another Day

Another day, another call
Firemen hurried one and all.
They geared up and moved out, no time to spare.
As sirens pierced through the December air.
It was a duty, a calling, their passion, their way,
To save the public from their darkest days.
Out of habit they worked without fear, without fret,
Now these heroes are ones we'll never forget.
I wonder if they reflected on the hope their lives gave,
On this day when it was only God who could save.

To the soul mates I hug you and join you in your tears
On this day when reality has overcome your fears.
But know he'll be with you in spirit, in love,
He'll be watching and guiding from high above.

To the children, though this grief may now seem too great,
Know that your daddy has a heroes fate,
And know he'll still be there in every possible way,
Let his memory bring you joy each and every day.

To the parents be proud that this man was your son,
Look back on his life, and cherish what he's done.
Think of all the lives he has touched,
Take comfort in the fact that he loves you so much.

To the siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, friends,
To aunts, uncles and cousins that he loved to the end,
Know that his life was not taken in vain.
Let pride in all he's done take the place of your pain.

To his "brothers and sisters" who shared in that calling
Don't feel guilt or regret as your tears are falling
But feel honor and appreciation for all that you do
Stand strong, stand together, let that strength help you through.

To God with who these men have now gone
Know that recollections of these lives on Earth will live on,
Please bring peace to hearts that are suffering today
As they wonder how to go on, please show them the way.

And to the six fallen angels whose lives have been lost,
Know that we recognize your work and its cost.
Thank you for all who you've helped and you've saved,
For the time and the love, and the life that you gave.

Shannon L. Slattery