Los Angeles Firefighter Struck while Rendering Aid

Updated: 01-15-2007 11:48:15 AM

Firehouse.com News

A Los Angeles firefighter was struck by a vehicle Sunday while assisting a motorist at a wreck on the San Diego Freeway.

The 33-year LAFD veteran, clad in safety attire, sustained facial trauma, including a fractured nose, and was briefly knocked unconscious. He was transported in fair condition to the UCLA Medical Center in Westwood, where he was expected to remain for observation.

A fire engine was blocking traffic as firefighters assisted patients. However, a vehicle skidded on the icy roadway and struck the engineer.

Of the seven civilian motorists involved, only two required ambulance transportation to area hospitals. Their conditions were not immediately available.

Los Angeles firefighters, five LAFD rescue ambulances, one urban search and rescue unit, one EMS battalion captain, one battalion chief officer command team, and one division chief officer command team -- a total of 49 personnel -- under the direction of Assistant Chief Greg West responded.