39 bone fragments found in dirt from WTC


Forensic anthropologists searching for human remains at Ground Zero found 39 more bone fragments yesterday while sifting dirt removed from the World Trade Center site, officials said.
The bones recovered yesterday were the biggest one-day find since last October, when workers stumbled across a large number of remains inside an abandoned manhole at the western edge of Ground Zero.

It was that discovery that led to the larger, ongoing search at the 16-acre attack site.

The renewed search has found more than 200 human remains inside several manholes under a temporary service road, which workers began excavating earlier this month.

About 40% of the 2,749 people killed on 9/11 at the Trade Center remain missing without an identifiable trace. None of the recently discovered remains have been traced back to any victims, but the medical examiner is continuing to conduct DNA tests.

On Tuesday, relatives of victims whose remains have not been identified toured the building on Water St. in Brooklyn where workers have been sifting dirt removed from Ground Zero.

"They're now sifting through it purposefully, like they didn't do before," said Paul Kirwin, whose son, Glenn, worked at Cantor Fitzgerald inside the north tower.

Originally published on January 12, 2007