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Thread: Hello new guy here.

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    Hello new guy here.

    Hi, my name is Gary Schafer. I work for the Fresno Fire Department. I was doing some research on a firefighter named Kevin Shea who has since retired from the FDNY when this site and myself kinda found each other. I too have expierenced a loss of a famly member. On July 27, 2001 my brother and fellow firefighter Kirk Schafer was killed on the job when a domestic water tank ruptured and shot up in to the air about 100' then landed on the engine Kirk was working on. A piece of the tank struck Kirk on the head and he never regained consciousness. He was my brother and my best friend. Our grandfather and father both worked for the department both retiring after a long and enjoyable career. It was truly the worst time in my life. I was on vacation and was planning to ride the Harley that I had just finished restoring over to the station to show Kirk.(he was the first to know I had finished) Then the phone rang. It was our prevention officer telling me to get to the trauma hospital. He wouldn't give me details so I knew it was bad. Kirk was on life support for three days, he was an organ donor. The benefit to that is that several people have continued to live due to Kirk. I take great comfort in that. I have not ridden the bike. (sometimes grief makes us do wierd things) I was handling that as best as I could, when 9-11 occured. I have not been the same since. A group of us traveled to NYC in November of 01 to give a donation to the widow's and children"s fund that was set up. I got to meet a lot of brothers dealing with the same grief that I was dealing with. A local company "Pelco" brought over several hundred people from FDNY, NYPD, and the Port Authority, for a memorial service. That was a real boost to my healing. I actually ran into a guy that I met while I was in NYC. Anyway, thanks for putting up a great site. I promise to be a regular poster. I wish I had found this site a long time ago. -Gary

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    Hi Gary, welcome! I hope you do read and post as often as possible. I am sorry for you loss. Please feel free to write more about you brother. This is why we are here.

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