Slasher Attacks California Fire Station

Updated: 05-07-2007 10:41:37 AM

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A knife-welding man broke into a Berkeley home and Firehouse No.5 early Monday, stabbing three people before he was tracked down by police dogs hiding under the porch of a nearby home.

The bizarre incident began around 1:45 a.m. when neighbors along Berkeley's Milvia Street heard a woman screaming.

"About 1:45 we received calls from community members of a woman screaming," said Sgt. Mary Kusmiss. "A male suspect had broken into the woman's home. She was awakened and confronted him. He stabbed her in the arm, but she was able to frighten him away."

The suspect then ran down the street and a few blocks later broke into Fire Station No. 5 while the crew slept inside. They were awakened and Kusmiss said: "A quite violent confrontation took place."

Two firefighters were stabbed -- one on the stomach and one in the arm. The suspect then ran out of the fire station and an intensive search was launched by Berkeley police using a CHP helicopter and Oakland tracking dogs.

The suspect was eventually tracked down hiding under a porch on Parker Street where he was arrested.

The bizarre scene took another twist as the suspect was held up in the bright lights of police patrol cars as the firefighters walked by one-by-one and identified him.

All three stabbing victims were being treated at a local hospital. Their wounds were not life-threatening.