Christmas Tree Fire Seriously Injures California Twins

Updated: 12-22-2007 03:35:36 PM

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Fire crews were called to a home in North Richmond Friday after a fire, that started in a Christmas tree, seriously injuring twin brothers, NBC11 reported. The home's address is in North Richmond. The twins are five years old.

Firefighters said the children's mother panicked when she saw the fire and jumped out of a window. Her 11-year-old boy then handed the woman a toddler through the window and got out himself.

Firefighters said it wasn't until then that the woman remembered the twins were in the back portion of the house trapped.

By the time neighbors could get to the boys they suffered the severe burns.

When paramedics arrived on the scene, the boys were in the front yard.

Neighbors told NBC11 at least one child was taken to a hospital in Sacramento.

Another child was flown by helicopter to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center.

Chopper11 flew over the home and showed no visible flames or damage. There was a small burn area around one of the front side windows of the home.

One of the children suffered burns to 50 percent of their body and a second suffered burns to 80 percent of their body.