North Carolina Paramedic Saved by Juniors

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17 year old Ethan Parker, captain of the Lincoln County Junior Rescue Squad remembers thinking it had to be a joke when told their mentor and captain, 39 year old Ken Morrison had collapsed Friday night.

"One of the juniors said ethan there's something wrong with ken. And I was like are they playing another joke on me? I walked in and found him and he was blue and wasn't breathing and didn't have a pulse," he says.

But it was no joke and the teens immediately began CPR. They say they had to shock Captain Morrison's heart three different times before he responded.

Fellow junior Michelle Ward doesn't want to think about what might have happened had they decided not to stop by after seeing a movie that fateful night. She says, "we talked about going back to a friend's house instead of coming here but we came here. So maybe there was a reason."

Others squad members like candy walker believe there was a reason saying, "thank the lord that they did because i think god puts people in places where they need to be and we've got some very awesome kids here."

It's those very accolades the teens say their not comfortable receiving because they were simply doing what they'd been trained to do.

We really weren't thinking about the fact that it was ken. It was more of a hits you later sort of thing," says Ward. She adds, "we kind of owe it to ken because he's one of the main people responsible for our training so its just kind of paid off for him."

Morrison, a ten year veteran of the squad, is still in critical condition at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte. His co-workers tell us doctors still don't know what caused him to collapse.