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Thread: Firefighters Answer the Call

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    Firefighters Answer the Call

    This poem is to honor all of the brave men and women who came to the aid of victims of the September 11th tragedies--the men and women who had put themselves in harm's way to help others. Our firefighters and police officers once again have set aside their safety so that others could reclaim theirs. Many of them gave their lives to do that. We mourn them. We thank them. We salute them. They will never be forgotten. May God hold them tenderly in His loving arms as He comforts their families. To the brave men and women who had put their lives on the line on that fatal day and have survived, may God soon lessen the heartache and pain that fills you from all that you have seen--all that you have gone through. And to the firefighters and police officers who "walk the walk" each and every day, we honor you! We thank you! You are our heroes. God be with you, always.

    Firefighters Answer the Call

    On September 'leven, Two-thousand-one,
    A Tuesday morning had just begun.
    It was not like any other Tuesday,
    Nor like any other day at all.
    Many of us heard the siren's wail
    As you made way to
    Answer the Call.

    "Oh, God! Oh, God!" in disbelief people cry,
    "The Towers are ablaze high in the sky!"
    Debris sifts down like ashen rain.
    Paper drifts to Brooklyn three miles away.
    Smoke billows from blown-out windows! People fall!
    And you are there, with tear-filled eyes,
    Answering the Call.

    With mask and gear you take the stairs,
    Going up floor after floor.
    "God, please help us save them," you pray,
    While opening door after door.
    "We will, we must!" is the Code of All.
    And you are there, as you always are,
    Answering the Call.

    On your way up, frightened people come down
    Seeking safety from the inferno above.
    "Is it clear to ground level?" you hear them ask,
    As they scrunch to the side, allowing you to pass.
    You want to assist but your job is ahead,
    To find the injured, the trapped and the dead.
    With a nod, you trudge on as you always do,
    While Answering the Call.

    The Tower's a blazing furnace.
    Before the flames can engulf you,
    One hundred and ten stories fall.
    There is no floor beneath you,
    You are on "Ground Zero",
    While Answering the Call.

    From out of the rubble
    God's angels lift you,
    To the Highest Tower of All.
    And there, from His Kingdom,
    You keep a watchful eye
    On fellow firefighters
    Answering the Call.

    Your names are now written
    In the great book,
    "Heroes of All Time".
    Firefighters, you are all our heroes.
    I know that you are mine.

    by Betty Kepka Schultz, Dixon, Illinois
    Betty Kepka Schultz

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    Just wanted to let you know that your poem is really nice.

    Mari (Los Angeles, CA)

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