Saturday, February 25, 2012
Fire destroys Worcester home

WORCESTER — Though most of the one-floor bungalow on Wendover Road was destroyed in a one-alarm fire this morning, the quick response of firefighters saved two small dogs lives.

Neighbors kicked in the door and heard the cries of the terrified dogs and cat, but were too overcome by heavy smoke to enter 23 Wendover Road to run in and save them.

The homeowner, Christine V. Lynch, was not home.

Kevin C. Anderson, 22 Wendover Road, kicked in the back door to check if anyone was home after a neighbor told him the home was on fire around 10:30 a.m.

“I kicked the door down and yelled and screamed,” he said. “I heard the cats and dogs inside, but the smoke was too much. Then, I saw flames and had to leave the area.”

After firefighters vented the roof and entered the home to extinguish the fire, Firefighter Paul R. Blanchard said he found a small cocker spaniel mix and a dachshund hiding underneath a mattress.

“One jumped up and ran out, but the other one was lifeless,” he explained. “I grabbed it in my arms and ran out.”

Emergency medical technicians gave the dog oxygen and revived it.

The cat was found dead in the home.

High winds played a factor in the blaze, said District Fire Chief Samuel W. Richesson, and there was also concern over propane tanks at the home.

“Fortunately, with the high winds, there were no exposed structures in the immediate proximity of the home,” he said. “Our initial concerns were of propane tanks. We removed one large tank used for heating from the outside of the home. I credit the work of the firefighters. They did an excellent job.”

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.
WorcesterT&G Staff Photo PAULA J. OWEN
Firefigther Paul R. Blanchard holds a cocker spaniel he rescued from a blaze at 23 Wendover Road this morning.