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Thread: Box 4 Call for Emergency Quarters. Worcester County and beyond. . Help Needed.

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    Box 4 Call for Emergency Quarters. Worcester County and beyond. . Help Needed.

    To ALL my friends, far and wide; political and not political; Worcester County and beyond:

    Box 4 Canteen Truck, which I mentioned before is almost finished, thanks to so many individuals, and Dunkin Donuts. But we truly need your help now to make this a reality for thousands of first responders throughout Worcester County. We need a home. We thought we had one, but it fell through, and now we need to step it up because we have so little time. Even if it is only for a year or so until we can build, that is fine. But we need a place to work out of...Best case scenario is that we can find a place we can use indefinitely.

    Request is for a spot located near a highway in Worcester, a garage with two doors, one 14' high and the bay at least 30' deep. Heated and enough room for a commercial freezer and refrigerator and storage; bathroom facilities and a room where the volunteers will spend their shift. Preferably with the ability to install a small kitchenette. We are also looking for furniture, a flat screen tv or two that could be tied into the internet for mapping purposes and skyping, technology, office furniture, a large conference/dining table and chairs, etc. The most important piece is a Place to call home. The big truck will be finished sometime around the end of March, and we need a place to operate. Things are coming around with folks, organizations and foundations, so we will have support maintaining this wonderful service. I have attached the brochure from the Providence canteen truck, which we are modelling. This is going to be staffed with volunteers 24 hours every day. More to come. If you have any questions, please call Steve Favulli at 508-612-0096 or Angelo Bongovio at 508-560-1504 or e-mail or text me, or Tony Economou
    If you want to help with general fundraising or have an idea, don't be shy. This isn't just for Fire Department personnel, it is for all first responders and ALL of Worcester County, so all you Police Department Personnel, EMS folks, etc., we want to serve you, so we need you to be part of this. This canteen truck even has a bathroom on board...can you imagine how needed this is at an emergency? Five burner stove, hot food, and of course, Dunkin Donut's coffee. Kate Toomey ....
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