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Thread: How can we verify your organization?

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    How can we verify your organization as a registered charity?

    FallenBrothers is a Charitable Organization registered with the
    Internal Revenue Service under the 501(c)(3), and is registered in New York State.

    To quickly verify, there are a couple of websites you can do a search. Search for Fallen Brothers Foundation. When searching, enter
    'fallen' for name, AND 'Brewster' for town. That should bring us up

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    I did a search on you at the IRS site, and it says " A public charity with a 50% deductibility limitation".
    What does that mean? I thought you said your gave everything to the families.

    If you do a search on every charity, we all seemed to be listed that way. If a lawyer or accountant, or the IRS could send us an email to explain what that means in plain English, please send it to I'd like to know what it means also.

    Regardless of what the IRS category Code says, ALL profits for the Fallen Brothers Foundation goes to the funds mentioned for each item. We are firefighters, volunteering our time and efforts.
    Brian Shea
    Co-Director of Fallen Brothers Foundation
    (foundation charity dissolved 2006)

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