now, this may seem silly.... but.... to add a new message you go to the area where you want to add your message, and click on the button that says........wait for it....... "New Message"

Whew. Ok, that one was tough.

Wait, are you in the right area? Did you want to leave a news item? Then make sure you are in the News section, and then hit New Message.

When you've clicked on New Message, you will see at the top the name of the forum (section, area, whatever you want to call it) on the top. this forum that we're in now is called Fallen Brothers Community > About Fallen Brothers Foundation > Using This Site

The Subject
Well, what's you message about?
Enter a quick short description. Something that when you are looking at a list of subjects, you'll know what yours is about. But don't lose sleep over it. It doesn't have to be perfect. No one is grading you.

The Message
Just type your message. If it's a news article or something, copy and paste it into your message. If you got it from another site, it might be nice to put a link to the other site.

Remember, if you make a mistake, you can always go back and edit it (as long as you are registered).