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Thread: Please send me a shirt

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    Please send me a shirt

    This one cracked me up. I had to share. And I hope I don't offend the person who sent this email, if it's not a joke.

    Please send me a blue memorial tee shirt - XL

    Thank you
    (Name withheld to protect the innocent)
    Chief - some fire department
    That's it. That's the full message. No mailing address. No payment info.

    Now, that's funny. As I'm writing this, I think I'll attach a digital picture to the email to them.
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    Brian: Thanks for the humorous post. It feels good to laugh -- and this is the second time today!! My sister will be visiting from Florida this week, and of course, wants to see the WTC site so I am preparing to feel really sad again. I have seen it several times, and was here in NYC on that day, and saw the awful tragedy unfold from my office in the Chrysler Building. I was evacuated to the street with thousands of other New Yorkers, and trapped in Manhattan, as the horror unfolded, until trains ran to Brooklyn in the afternoon. My best friend's office was on the 87th floor of One WTC. I heard that the Towewrs had collapsed at about 12 Noon as I was outside, sitting in Bryant Park with no radio. I thought she might be dead, but luckily, she had decided to go to the post office first, and had not gotten up into the Towers.

    PS -- Send ME a XXL shirt -- in pink!!! Jusrt kidding.

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