Vincent Morello spent 12 years as a fire department mechanic, but he wanted more. That's why he became a firefighter with Engine 283 in Brownsville and then Ladder 35 in Manhattan a year and a half ago.
"He wanted to be a fireman, plain and simple," said his brother Marc Morello, a firefighter with Ladder 147 in Brooklyn. "He didn't want to spend the rest of his life under fire trucks fixing them-he wanted to be riding them."
Vincent Morello took a $40,000 pay cut when he switched from mechanic to firefighter, but he "absolutely loved" his new job, Marc Morello said. His very first night as a firefighter, his entire unit received a citation for its work putting out a fire, he said.
Marc Morello said it is believed that his brother was searching for civilians in the World Trade Center when it collapsed. Vincent Morello, of Middle Village, graduated McClancy High School in 1985 and attended St. John's University for one year. He loved playing softball and was an avid Rangers fan. He has a wife, Debi; a son, Justin, 7, and a daughter, Paige, 5. His parents, John, a retired fire chief and 33-year veteran, and Patricia, are also from Middle Village.