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    About Michael

    Michael Mullan, 34, was born and reared in Flushing, where he graduated from Holy Cross High School and attended Queensboro Community College.

    At the time of the World Trade Center attacks, Mullan was studying for a bachelor's degree in nursing at Hunter College.

    He was on the 19th floor when he and other firefighters received orders to evacuate, because "the building was starting to go," according to his mother, Theresa.

    Mullan and two other firefighters headed down but stopped at the third floor, where they heard a Mayday call from two firefighters higher up. "Michael said, 'I'll go get them,'" his mother said - and that was the last anyone heard of him.

    A registered nurse, Mullan also worked in the Mercy Hospital emergency room on a per diem basis. He was a captain in the U.S. Army Reserve and worked for Ladder 12, Engine Co. 3 in Chelsea. He was "just about" engaged to his girlfriend, his mother said. She continued:

    "There's an old Irish expression: May you live every day of your life. Michael lived every day of his life." An avid Yankees fan, "he took it as a personal insult if they lost. He loved plays and concerts, and, oh, when he played the piano, you could not tell the difference between Michael Mullan and Jerry Lee Lewis. When he got up, the piano went into cardiac arrest. And he loved Elvis! He kept saying to me, 'Mom, you must have had a great time in the '50s.' And let me tell you, he was full of devilment and merriment and mischief."

    After the attack, she visited Blessed Sacrament, his grammar school, to ask for the children's prayers. "And when I walked into the principal's office, I said, 'Do you know, this is the first time I have walked into this office that I did not get sent for?'"

    Devilment aside, Theresa Mullan said, "Michael always made you laugh." He is also survived by his father, Patrick; brother, Patrick, and sister, Kelly-Ann Mary. "And don't forget," his mother said, "It's 'Mullan' with an 'a.'

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    donegal - ireland
    Its Linda Mullan "with an A" here. I was watching our local news station last week and saw an article about the family of the late Michael who had visited Ireland in the hope of making and finding connections with their Irish Family. I am not Mullan by birth but by marriage but i'd be v. interested in my email address being forwarded to some of the family so that we could perhaps make contact.

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    Hi Linda,

    We are not in contact with Michael's family, but I am sure if they are visiting our community board they will see your post.

    That is the nice thing about a forum like this. It provides privacy and contact by choice.

    Please stay in touch with us.


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    Its been years since Michael's untimely passing and I still think of him. I happened to stumble across this site only now and had to wipe away a tear as I read his mother's words. Michael always was able to bring a smile to your face or kick up the "Irish" in you. Yes, Mrs Mullan, it may have been the first time you were at the office without being called but I can also assure you that Michael was also seen as a smart and likeable student and fellow classmate. He became someone special long before his final rescue attempt and be assured that Michael made an impression on many people who crossed his paths, be they fellow students or even teachers. I am proud to tell you I knew Michael. He was a credit to Blessed Sacrament and Holy Cross and you and yours should always be proud. I remain anonymous but I assure you, rarely the day goes by that I don;t think of Michael and others I personally know who went to heaven that day. Stay strong

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    A hero

    Im Michaels godchild and I miss him so much...he had a great sense of humor and was a loving spirit. He is always in my prayers. I miss u buddy!!! -Love Sam

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