John Napolitano lived to rescue people and douse flames for the New York City and Lakeland fire departments. Napolitano, who worked for Rescue 2, based in Brooklyn, is a former chief of the Lakeland Volunteer Fire Department.

He reported to work Monday evening for a 24-hour shift and later called home to say goodnight to his two daughters, Elizabeth, 6, and Emma, 2.

Anne Napolitano, who works in marketing at Computer Associates, was in the company cafeteria Tuesday morning when she saw the attack at the World Trade Center on television. "I saw it happen," she said. "I just knew from the magnitude" of it that everyone from Rescue 2 would be at the scene.

Napolitano had graduated from Connetquot High School. It was during those years that he met his wife, as well as Brennan and Pettit.

"He was really skilled at what he did," said Pettit's sister, Deirdre Kroupa, 33, of Islip Terrace. "He's also a very energetic and strong man who adores his family."