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    Bio from NY Times

    Robert Evans: Rob, Bob or Bobby

    If nicknames are a measure of affection, Robert Evans inspired plenty. "To me he was Rob, to Mom he was Bob and to the rest of the world he was Bobby," said his sister, Jeanne Evans, who lived near her brother in Franklin Square, on Long Island.

    Firefighter Evans, 36, was also known as Jerry Lewis around the Engine Company 33 firehouse in Manhattan, a reference to his practical jokes and big heart. He often called his sister when he got home from work to say he was O.K., but once, catching her asleep, he decided to call back every 15 minutes. (To avoid retaliation, he then turned off his phone.)

    "He was very, very protective, especially of me and my mom," his sister said. "I remember when he went sky diving, he didn't tell me about it. He comes over one day and says, 'Check out this tape.' I look at the TV and it's him sky diving. I said, 'Why would you go without me?' He says, 'There's only two of us, so only one can go at a time.'"
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